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Palm Pre 2 and HP webOS 2.0 get a New, Less Creepy Commercial

October 26, 2010

This new Palm ad is nothing like the old ones, and that, my friends, is a very, very good thing. But it is definitely showing the HP side of palm. But, still… a good thing. The ad, entitled “Sizzle” shows a bunch of new features of webOS 2.0 and the Pre 2. Take a look at everything from Angry Birds to Facebook. And it’s official because it’s embedded on palms website.

via PreCentral

source YouTube

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  1. linux000 permalink*
    October 26, 2010 10:28 pm

    Angry Birds, a popular app, on WebOS! Whaaa?

    • rooniemark permalink*
      October 26, 2010 10:32 pm

      WebOS is working it’s way up there. I think they have somewhere close to 5,000 apps now. And with HP being their parent company they will be able to leverage a bunch of good apps onto webOS.

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